Thursday, May 4, 2017

Zara Home, Love

I've been pinning a ton of stuff from Zara Home - it's so good! It's a bit pricer than H&M home but it's really damned good! I do wish both companies had more pictures of their items staged...I can't wait to move, I will do my own staging...fretting...returning...and loving the process! 

What is this for? Who knows, its cool!

I think the new place may have more windows - either way, I will need more curtains.

For the bedroom!

If I didnt need a bedroom rug i'd get this

 I wish this were a bit bigger

 I love all of the patterns, this one especially!

 And little fish!! Love this

I love pears, shame that i'm allergic

 Color for the living room!

 In the new apt I will be more organized (insert crying laughing emoji)

We can all agree this is really weird, right? So tell me why, why sweet baby jesus do I want it?! Its kinda cool...right? I'm a weird gross way

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