Monday, November 9, 2015

Winter Prep Gemz

pic credit to & who knows where they got it from...

Do you ever find yourself wishing you were inside a warm momma kangaroo pouch? No harsh sunlight blinding you, demanding that you wake up and get to the million of things you need to do. Like right now. So. Many. Demanding. Things. The to do list is out of control but wouldn't it be nice to just relax for a bit? Wouldn't it be AMAZING! Warm and cozy...I'm serious. Hahaha...we talk a lot about self care in social work school. This would totally be self care...right?

All weirdness aside, how about creating a momma kangaroo pouch room?! 
Here are some tips on creating the perfect warm, cozy, non weird room. Winter is coming people, prepare your warm and moist space! 

#1 Buy a red lightbulb, the room should be dark. 

#2 Turn the heat up. Or get a SAFE space heater 
This is one is kind of cute. I have one of these, diff model

#3 Get a humidifier. Try on of these animal shaped ones to add to the ambiance...

#4 Get a heart beat sound track...on loop

#5 Get someone to play the didjeridu

#6 Get a good furry heavy blanket & soft robe
Ikea has this great pouch blanket. That green trim is a bit horrible, but its okay because the lights will be turned down low. 
I will be seeking this out soon....

#7 Bring snacks into your lair. Or keep your smart phone/laptop close by, with all of the relax pizza will prob need to be delivered. 

You know. I think I just need these Butta Toasts on my hands as I type. Yeah. Forget the momma kangaroo room. That would just be odd. 

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