Thursday, November 20, 2014

Fashion Gems

Here is another type of curated list from my talented searching skills.  Damn I'm good.
I haven't been cruising CL for furniture but I have been spending a lot of time on the Fashion Project!
So, I am sharing some of my favorite finds! You should join, donate your stuff and do some shopping too.
I check FP several times a day because the inventory is always being updated. If you see something you like, get it...i've already lost some amazing goodies.

Amrita Singh  $59

Marc Jacobs $199

Cole Haan $59

Kate Spade  $69

Kate Spade Wallet $45
Kate Spade Clutch $55
lil bags for stuff 

I LOVE this little guy, give me a big ass metal zipper any day!
Dooney & Burke Accesory $25

Furla $79

Marc by Marc Jacobs  $59

C. Wonder $49

Dooney & Burke Satchel $45

Furla Shoulder bag $79

Coach Satchel, $45.00

Coach Satchel $55.00

Coach Accessory $25.00

love the lining on this 
Hobo Wallet $45  

Cole Haan Wallet $49.00

Kate Spade Accessory $25.00

Coach Accessory $25.00

Coach Accessory $25.00

Coach Accessory $29.00

Michael Kors Wallet $35.00

Hobo Wallet $39.00

Eileen Fisher Scarf $49.00

ALICE by Temperley Scarf $35.00

Carolina Herrera Scarf $79.00

Here is another link to join again Fashion Project (yeah yeah yeah, I get shopping credits when you join & make your first donation or purchase)


Angela said...

Not going to lie; I really, really miss your craigslist posts!

Keyse said...

I's just so boring going through CL now. There are over 4k items a day! Oi...the struggle is real