Thursday, September 11, 2014

theMove gem!

What are you doing this Saturday? My friends have been going on and on about this org called theMove - I originally showed little interest because who wants to go digging and planting food? Seriously. I don't even like cooking. Aaaahhhh but then I went to one of their events that involved a clothing swap and I was hooked! The Move is a fabulous organization that connects folks to the EARTH, to the EARTH people! Anyhoot, check out their web site and buy a ticket to their Summer Sol event this Saturday. Tickets available here 
There will be an amazing selection of drinks and tasty bites served. mmm...tasty bites...drinks...

Below are some pictures from last years event...I stole it from FB - sorry in advance to anyone miffed by this! See you Saturday, toodles! -Keyse

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