Friday, September 5, 2014

A whole post on BoJack Horseman, a cartoon GEM!

Hi....I know, I need to wrap up the summer. I'm working on it. In the mean time, I want to alert you to a really cool cartoon I have been enjoying on Netflix. BoJack Horseman is awesome, hes dug a little whole in my heart. Below are some of my favorite "rooms" from the show. Will Arnett does his good, watch it!

Bojack was famous in the 90s, hes trying to make a come back via a tell all comes the ghost writer! 

I love his deck 

Much like my kitchen (minus the amazing view, counter space, tiles, modern cabinets...) Bojack doesnt do much cooking

I wonder who decorated his house, I love the little ottoman. Bojack often looks sad and dejected 

Especially when Princess Caroline (Amy Sedaris), his ex/girlfriend/publicist, reminds him he should be writing and not drinking...heavily. I love the details, especially the chair and artwork

I mean, look at his beside lamp! his closet is pretty sweet too

 Bojacks publisher has a tanker desk, i can you not watch a cartoon with a TANKER DESK?!

 Yup, I feel the same way when cleaning out my vacuum...I need those slippers

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