Thursday, May 22, 2014

decluttering spring time fun

I've been decluttering like its fun :/ and then I heard about the Fashion Project and it actually became fun! The best part...I get $$ to replace all of the stuff that doesn't fit me anymore.
You know, for a culture that celebrates thinness you think we would be praising the all mighty broccoli or something butttt nooo its cupcakes galore! 

Turn this (this is only a portion of the stuff I pulled out of my closets/dressers)...

Into this! Okay well, you can't get this fantastic transformation if you have actual crap...but, if you have good stuff you can send it to the Fashion Project (that link is an invite too!) and earn a $40 gift card to Nordstrom! Seriously. Oh, and a do gooder organization of your choice gets $$ too! Everyone wins! Yayyyy
The basics: You get a prepaid donation bag or prepaid mailing label --> mail your stuff in --> stuff happens, your organization of choice gets $ and you maybe get a gift card if your stuff qualifies!
Click here to see how it works! 

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