Friday, January 3, 2014

Organization, Brought to you by Snow Storm

I don't have many outlets in my apartment, 7 total. None in my bathroom. This outlet in my living room gets a lot of action. I know I know its fugly too. It's where I  charge my cell phone, laptop, kindle, tooth brush and night light (I aint afraid of no ghosts). It's also were I plug in my lamp, light up globe and space heater. But not all at once...or else i'd blow a fuse, naturally...I'm always plugging in and unplugging a bunch of stuff and its a hot mess. Sometimes I put the chargers away but most of the time I dont...Oi! So, what do to during a snow storm but organize wires? 

I got an old surge protector, plugged it all in and thew it in this box from Ikea. Cut out a darling little hole (aren't most holes darling?) and presto! Organization! 
When nothing is charging I turn off the surge protector to save power

 Look at this hot box! Such a contained beautiful mess

 When things are charging it looks like this!

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