Wednesday, January 29, 2014

CTears Valentines Day Gift Guide

valentines really cant ignore it. well, unless you call out sick from work so you miss everyones flower delivery. maybe you can go cry in your cube and if anyone asks tell them its your allergies. when you go to cvs to pacify yourself with chocolate and a coke zero you realize you hit prime real-estate for valentines day crap. depression sets in. as you walk home to your awesome apt (shared with no one bc you are allergic to pets and love!) you glance at happy couples in restaurant windows. their happy faces lit up by soft candle light. you find solace in the fact that at least a few of these blissful couples will get food poisoning and not make it in time to reach a toilet. 

Personally, i love Valentines Day!! I usually send flowers to my friends and get a nice card from my mom

I get lots of folks asking for gift ideas - So, this year I decided to bring in my dear precious lovely friend Suhayl to provide y'all with some wonderful gift ideas for your boo, yourself, or your mom

Flowers from a small, local design-focused florist.  So much better than those FTD monstrosities of tackiness.  I like: 
Oysters from Island Creek! 

Call of the Wild Bar (port wine caramel) or Port Wine Caramel Sauce 

Gin (because I don't believe in Vodka)/Tequila/Mezcal 

it's pink and it's delicious 

Cigars from Oliva 

Other *ahem* stuff (so not safe for work. well. i guess it depends on your employment) 
Ok, Thats all from Suhayl. Ciao Kitten!

I'm not as sexy as Suhayl but I know a thing or two about seduction...hey, i learned a lot from Archer and South Park
if you still need some gift ideas here are my safe and trusty suggestions...

Lucite love! (well, maybe its just me who loves plastic) 

Midnight Recovery Oil
Ultimate Man Body Scrub Soap
and they have a whole lotta awesome stuff...go wild.
gender free products (for when you accidentally sleep over and need a decent moisturizer in the morning and a soap that wont leave you smelling like a sailor) 
Body Cleansing Slab (smells awesome!) 
Post Poo Drops (need i say more?)

Bella Sante, Revive Massage 
Mandarin Oriental, De-stress Mind and Body Wrap 

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