Friday, June 14, 2013

so sorry...raspberries for us all

When I get back to Boston next week I promise to blog more. Seriously. I've been such a derelict. 
I've been involved with a book lately...its really taking up a lot of my time. You know how these things are...le sigh. I've also been spending quality time with my nephew and my local Goodwill....that place is a treasure mine! 
Before I packed up my stuff at work I remembered Fathers Day is happening this weekend. I ordered a ton of stuff on for my brother (who is a father)....and thats right, these are the kind of gifts I dispense. Soap. Toilet paper. Cleaning gloves (what? my brother is pretty). While on I noticed that they give new members 20% off and next day shipping is always free if you spend $35. I put a lil banner up on the side of the blog, if you use my link I get $5, do it! Save time and money. more. Seriously, if it wasnt for and Amazon I might look like a neanderthal.  

Brand new Michael Kors dress at GW...almost got this for my mom

Almost, almost brand new Bass boots! almost got these for myself but they really arent my style

Last weekend, while not blogging, I came across these shoes...they go amazingly well with my decor ;) 

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