Friday, May 24, 2013

Only the pretty tonight

I really cant bring myself to go through CL today. When I first started blogging I saw about 1000 items daily...then it went up to its like 3000+. It takes a very long time to comb through all of CL and I end up seeing a lot of ugly. Do you know how much therapy is costing me? I mean, I cant unsee those damned ugly mishaken couches! Its all burned into my retina...So instead of seeing a lot of ugly tonight i'm cruising my favorite shopping sites! Invite links too :) 

yummmyyy candy in a beautiful transparent plastic magical dish!
Joss and Main (based in Boston!)

I want a drink! Made from this beautiful Chelsea Cocktail Shaker...but I already have like 3 cocktail shakers and I NEVERRRR make cocktails...I order them, at the bar :) 
Joss and Main 

I want these shoes! I will prob order these shoes in a little also comes in gold and a light pink...i will only order 1 shoe i will only order 1 shoe i will only order 1 shoe...

I want this shower curtain too! I need to fun up my bathroom 

Also, I really want a beach day! This beach towel is fabulous! its so bright and happy, no one would even notice my almost naked beautiful self laying on it...the things one can get away with the aid of patterns! Gilt 

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