Monday, April 15, 2013

PlayWho is Active!

I've been obsessed with reorganizing my clothes - for the first time ever i've been hanging things back up instead of creating sculptured mountains of clothes ( now i just make lil lumps). I have challenges (boy do I ever...) with storage and space in my bedroom. (Also, I needed to stop expecting my imaginary boyfriend to pick up after me as Jay Z picks up after Beyonce) 
I'm lucky to have two closets in my bedroom, but they are tiny and not very deep, hangers go sideways to fit in properly. During the fall I pulled up a vintage mega clothing rack from my basement of horrors and rearranged things in my bedroom so it would fit. I currently have two dressers in my bedroom, two bedside tables (filled with unmentionables, one is in my closet) and the clothing rack. I was lucky and scored a ton of free beautiful wooden hangers on CL too. 
Over the weekend I got an email from PlayWho letting me know their site was revamped...its awesome! I'm currently obsessing about the hangers below. I can only afford two so I feel like I reallllyyyy need to make it work! 
To create more space i'm going to put away my sweaters and winter dresses in plastic bins...and figure out where to put those bins...
Its going to work! 
PS, I got a new job!
PPS, I love running into you guys in the real world and getting emails. It realllllyyyyy makes my day. Knowing that i've helped someone is the best feeling!

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