Tuesday, April 30, 2013

adios chelsea!

so, i got a new job :) i started this week. its pretty fabulous, i'm not going to lie. i'll miss chelsea though...sometimes...
my lil brother needs a couch...tempted to send an offer that may offend the seller :/ 
Twilight Sleeper Sofa - $900 (Chelsea)

Wassily Replica Chair in Belting Leather x2 - $250 (Chelsea)

Vintage gum ball dispenser - $20 (Chelsea )

i still have family in chelsea, so...i'll prob end up taking the 111 again :)
matthew is only 2, but he knows exactly how to express my feelings about the 111 bus


Worried Dad said...

Where's the new job?

Keyse said...

One Family, Inc! I love it