Saturday, March 9, 2013

MOS Magnetic Cable Organizer

I blog from my fort...ugh, its really my couch. I'm surrounded by blankets, empty cups of coffee and tea, discarded bags of delicious snacks, tissue boxes, friendly dust bunnies, tv remote, roku remote, and my lap top....yeah, sometimes i live like a heathen. WHICH is why i was so excited when Mos contacted me for a product review!
I dont have many things to plug in, I use this to charge my iphone so I decided to help out two friends in a wirey situation!

I did use the white Mos at work for a week, I really loved it. Ignore the disaster under my desk...I decided that the Mos was too cute and well made for my work life (my framed keep calm poster was destroyed, things iphone chargers! hence my generic pink charger...there is only so much batman can protect).
I really liked the Mos, its well made and looks fancy. Many wires will stick to the Mos without any help, but just in case they dont Mos provides colorful cable ties.

I sent the aluminum Mos to my lady pal Danielle to match her Mac. Danielle sent me these great pics and a ton of thank yousss! She said the Mos helps keep her wires from falling on the ground where her cat loves to attack them.

After using the white Mos at work I sent it to my friend Fabio (*fyi, the white and black models cost less!). It matches his white Macbook and goes well with his crisp clean home. Fabio decided to use the Mos in his bedroom, on his bedside table. He uses his iphone as an alarm clock, after unplugging his phone the wire usually fell behind the bedside more sad wires on the ground :)

Thats it for the Mos review - Its a great well made product that looks good too.

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Elissa said...

Never heard of these! Looks pretty sweet! I'll have to check them out.