Monday, March 11, 2013

getting ready for spring!

a few years ago i went to puerto rico. a giant wave knocked me under and robbed me of my fancy beautiful sun glasses :/ that wave also hurt! i havent been able to replace my prescription sunglasses, so yeah I JUMPED at the offer to blog about Firmoo! i was given the option of selecting a free pair of glasses (yay!). 

honestly, i was skeptical bc ive ordered free glasses from a really nice site with uber cool frames and i was uber disappointed, twice. Once the lenses arrived badly cut for the frames, the second time the lenses were cracked. so yeah, the bar was low...but Firmoo totally surprised me with a nice case, lens cloth wiper thingy, lil tool thngy, and EXCELLENT sunglasses! i'm really looking forward to using these badboys this summer. the lenses fit the frame perfectly, i seriously couldn't be happier with them, i ordered these frames #sd2300

Firmoo is giving away free glasses to new members...honestly, the selection is lacking but hopefully they will restock soon! 

being a goof at home & snow  disapproval 

leaning back and with my new shades!

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