Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Chicago Gem

I went on a mini awesome trip to Chicago this weekend, I am sssoooo well rested now! So rested that I only had time to visit one tempting store, The Edwater Antique Mall. It's one clean floor of really great Vintage, I didn't sneeze once! My allergies were in check, I do appreciate a clean Vintage shop! Now, lets talk about what really matters...the prices were incredibly reasonable! I could actually afford a lot of stuff in the shop (I surprisingly didn't buy anything...I hope i'm not coming down with the flu). The layout of the store and displays are visually pleasing too, if you are in Chicago its a must go to place! 
*Before I pass out, I should mention that the store owners (i think they were owners?) were total gems. I wasn't my chatty self but they deff were and it was really sweet. Before I left they informed me of two other places to check out in the time Chicago, very soon I hope!

 red. leather. on a phone, kill me now! total beauty

 this lil guy was really tiny

 biggest temptation, it was like 100$ for the set...wood and silver. i kept reminding myself that my dishes tend to marinate in the sink so i best not...sigh

love the buttons on the side of this purse - it didnt have that old vintage smell, perfect business fancy lady purse
there was a lot of art. 

 and adorable salt & pepper shakers!

im beginning to see things that i own in antique shops...its kinda cool and a lil weird, i own the bumpy glass ice bucket next to the piggy (it had handles but you cant see from the angle i took the pic in). i purchased mine from a wacky guy on the street a couple of years ago

 mmmm metal that looks like wood, my favorite!

 had a hard time walking away from this lucite lazy susan

crappy pic, but the tall lamp with the ugly shape is AMAZING! the base is modern and all sexy lucite but the shade....the shade hurts my eye balls

 Hey, I just met you...and this is crazy but heres my call me, maybe 

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