Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Flauxy, this Sunday Funday!

i was going craycray with selling my jewelry to stores, craft events almost every weekend, blogging, and my ft day job. i almost stopped making jewelry, it was a "stick a form in me i'm done!" type of situation. this summer i cleaned out a lot of my materials and organized - i love making jewelry but i honestly hate being organized about it. i think the break did me well because i LOVE LOVE LOVE the stuff ive made this year. lots of happy triangles! i did well at the event last weekend but i still have a lot of stock left over, a *Flauxy Jewelry Haus Party is in session!
This Sunday, from 1-5 (i want to wake up late, its sunday!)
feel free to bring your kid(s) but keep pets outside, im allergic :/
38 Boynton Street, first floor
cash, checks, visa, mastercard accepted
*Flauxy is a name i made up when i was a brillant kid...i decided to call my jewelry that.

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