Thursday, December 27, 2012

Calendar Gem

i came across the coolest calendar while playing on playwho! its a vertical calendar by Make Collaboration, i'm really excited about the way the calendar is displayed and the space for making notes.
from their site:
For those who only prefer to display art, the Vertical was designed with you in mind. We treat our calendar like a fine painting, mounting it with a magnet+tack hang up set that avoids puncturing and allows for easy month-to-month transition. Display months individually or as a group, either way the Vertical will be a fine addition to your home, office or both.

I have to admit, their pictures are not the best...but I can imagine this looking uber cool in my place! 


laura said...

Found this one on RK Design, simple but really nice!

laura said...

Found this one on RK Design. Simple but really nice!