Tuesday, November 20, 2012

local design gems!

I'm not into shopping frenzies - i like to shop without getting trampled. i also like supporting local artists and businesses! So, here are a few awesome gems for you to consider

when someone asks whats your sign, pop out your iphone! by JSGD, get 20% off from Nov 20-Nov 26, use this code SHOPSMALLJSGD

one of my brothers is a Capricorn..not much else i can say about that, but i like the green and gold!

 my bff is a Virgo, well one of them is :) 

Decorative, not for hunting!!!!! I love these badass arrows by Amanda. Quivver

I know this designer too! hes purty cool and talented! Check out these awesome slipcast cafe and espresso cups, Perc

1 comment:

samantha ramage said...

i love supporting small businesses- you go girl.

ps. also, check out my awesome giveaway this week!