Friday, November 9, 2012

Goodwill Blogger Day!

Esacada coat with gold elephants on the back. Wool cashmere blend...made in W. Germany. 
Samantha found this and thankfully it was too big for her!

i used to work at Morgan Memorial Goodwill - it was so so difficult not shopping everyday or getting lost in the warehouse. so, i was delighted to attend their Boston Blogger event! i was given a sweeeeettt 50% off discount and 45 minutes to shop, oh, i shopped! afterwards we were given pizza, drinks, and a grand tour of the warehouse. afterwards we headed to gaslight, i was in good company :)

 adorables vintage Lord Jeff 100% Wool cardigan (made in the USA!). Seneca found it and handed it over, thanks lady! 

 Seneca and her finds! Check out her Etsy shop, Surrounded by Squares 

Amanda, Sam, and me!

ugh, its like a hoarders dream! UGH i MEAN its a Gem Hunters dream ;) right....

 have you ever asked Goodwill for their hangers? been denied? yup! Goodwill is a nonprofit, so every bit they can save counts! 

 i want that giraff, bad. just look at those dreamy eyes...sigh

 somebody got discombobulated

 bloggers, Goodwill folks, and a WALL OF CLOTHES! 

JP Ladies! Tara Bellucci, me and Amanda 

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Punky said...

Im so sad i missed this! I love goodwill headquarters!