Friday, November 9, 2012

Body Rejoice! Aesop Newbury Opens!

you know i love products...i've actually set a serious rule for myself recently, no more shampoo!  but, i can still buy lotions and potions! a couple of weeks ago i attended the Aesop store opening on Newbury street. its an uber cute shop, extremely thoughtful in design to Bostons history and style. i was given a cute gift bag with a Resurrection hand balm, it comes in a nifty tupe that i keep at my desk at work (see below!). I love it enough to keep it with my other favorite products. Unlike the Aveeda lotion, its not greasy and doesn't feel like you are wearing something on your skin. It absorbs very fast! 
(btw, i like Aveeda...but i stray!) 

Aside from the great products and cool store i love that Aesop is gender neutral. 
my 23 year old baby brother uses Secret Deodorant...and hes still a dude.

(one more thing...i live alone, but even i dont want to smell the roses that i produce...and sometimes i have to make roses right before people come over and i dont want them to smell my roses, what a panic  which is why i'm putting the Aesops Post Poo Drops on my wish list this holiday season...i dont know why they dont call it Post Roses Drops ;) hehehe)
Check out Aesop, 172 Newbury Street 

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