Thursday, October 4, 2012

Be a Gem, Help Out!

(dressed to impress at our job fair)
I work for ROCA INC, a non profit in Chelsea and Springfield MA. I help young people learn how to go to work successfully  Work is something that many people take for granted - I've never had to take a pee test for a job or been disqualified because of my criminal background check. But, this is the reality that many of the young people I work with face. The jobs they obtain are entry level and usually a little over $8/h. The folks I work with are ecstatic for an entry level job paying $8/h! Work helps them stay out of jail, build self esteem, and provide for their families  The pride young people feel in obtaining a job and going to work is amazing and inspiring - however, there is a large population of young people who are living in this country illegally. Recent legislation will allow for young people who are illegal immigrants to apply for Social Security #’s, Drivers Licenses, etc. This is very important because it will allow for people to work legally in the country and seek help without fear of deportation if they are living in an unsafe environments
I want to help all of these kids get jobs! 
If you are interested in making a donation to help one of ROCA's participants take part in the Dream Act let me know.

It cost $465 per application - this is a fortune for our participants. Anything you can give would be uber appreciated! Please make the check out to Roca. You will get a receipt which you can apply as a charitable deduction on your 2012 federal income tax filings.

*Side note, My boss is matching donations (contact me for more info!!)
101 Park Street
Chelsea MA 02150
Attention: Keyse/Jake/Dream Act
Some pictures from work

 Chef teaching cutting skills in our kitchen
 Participants applying for jobs in our Employment Lab (you might notice the cool framed ikea gems fabric, I was featured on designsponge for that! I also picked out the ikea chairs and had the wood shop build the counter desk and shelves)

 Serving community dinner (m-f, everything is cooked by the participants with Chef)

A successful placement! 

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