Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Uber awesome Rides

I've had a terrible time with Boston Cabs this summer. One cab driver almost ran over a couple on a cross walk, another tried to pass a car on the Jamaica Way, all drove like maniacs, inquired about my marriagtual status and once arrviing at my destination told me their credit machines were broken - I always ask before I get into a cab...and I always get lies!

I was telling a friend my horror stories with cabs and she suggested Uber - its amazing! Yes, i'm a blogger but i'm not very tech savvy...but I had no troubles downloading the app onto my smart phone and hailing a ride asap! Both times I have taken Uber I was impressed with the polite drivers who turn on the AC (remember when it was balls hot last month?!! I got into 2 Boston Cabs with no AC! One driver didn't even want me to open the windows).  Uber is safe and reliable - also costs about the same as a cab ride...but this ride is clean, quiet, and safe! Check them out and ride happy - by signing up with my promo code you get $10 off your first sweet ride! :)


Kelly said...

What a great idea..yeah Boston cabbie's are a trip!
Love your blog, we have very similar taste and I always want to buy whatever you post!

Kelly from Lynn.:)

Keyse said...

Thank you Kelly! I am trying to post more often but things keep my comp getting stolen, my router dying, and getting home uber late due to birthday parties and what not ;) I will try harder in sept!