Tuesday, August 21, 2012

South African Calling at West Elm Fall 2012

Last week I feel in love with a bench at West Elm - I was there to check out their new fall designs. love...always happens when you least expect it! 
The fall collection showcases 16 collaborations with artists from South Africa. The trip to South Africa sounded like a design enthusiasts dream - studio after studio of people creating useful and beautiful items with their hands! I wanna be there :)
Ok, back to falling in love...my favorite piece is a bench that can also be used as a coffee table, designed by John Vogel.

 thats me, sitting in the lap of luxury with the most beautiful bench/table ive ever seen...and let me tell you, ive seen uber amounts of benches in my life...
(btw, isnt my dress fabulous? Kors clearance score at Marshalls...25 bones!) 

 its amazing in real life too!
another thing i was realllllyyy excited about is all of the graphite in the store. i love bold colors, nothing compliments all of the bright fabrics, furniture, and art in my home like grey tones. I'm looking forward to heading back to the store and picking up some bedding, the Stripe Duvet feels really nice and doesnt hurt my non profit ballin life style (aka, its affordable!). 

If only my family pictures were this stylish! Neil, the nice gentleman in black, was a true gem! He's from Canada and helping out in the Boston store for a bit...of course I had to ask him if he sees Degrassi stars in Canada! and yeah, he does!
*I almost forgot... probably because i'm still a lil shocked by this, West Elm offers FREE home consultations. Thats right, someone will go into your home and give you free advice without a hard sell. If you try this please let me know!
One more thing...snacks were provided! delicious cake pops from Sweet and AMAZING popcorn from Corn & Co
Thank you again West Elm :) xo


Unknown said...

Love the bench, love the dress, love the post. So much love!

Neil Gazmen said...

Thank you so much for the kind words! We're so glad you enjoyed the tour of the store...and that John Vogel bench ;)

I hope to see you and Christine again soon - either in Boston or perhaps in Toronto! #winkwink

All the best,

Neil :)