Tuesday, July 17, 2012

While Winter is Away...

 beach. drinks and food!

Bryant! He's been visiting and sleeping on the Blu Dot One Night Stand...and taking over my ipod, computer, and anything else he can bogart 

Unicorn Pinata! I filled her up with vintage bikini clad lady air fresheners and lots of candy! 
Boys in my backyard for the 4th (also Bryants bithday!)
My dad, killing it! 
The Bunghole, in Salem...right around the corner from where my brother Riva lives...mmmm....coincidence? 

my mom! Rittas and Pauls wedding - so so loving Ritta's dress. She told me where she got it from...tempted to order it in black...

 Sara, Me, and mom. Oh, thats Twin Shadow (George Lewis Jr) -can not get enough of Five Seconds

 Shoes from Sole Society...the ones on the right did not make it. seriously, by the time i walked to the train station they were dead! 

vase from Touch of Modern and Vintage Coke sign my dad dropped off for me...along with a ton of vintage glass bottles (uber old Hood Milk bottles!)
Promise to blog real soon!
Missing you! 

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