Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Small Bytes Contest

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Small Bytes, Big Connections

Across the room, you recognize them from their LinkedIn profile. Your titles, clearly printed on our badges, aligned. You laughed at each other’s well-rehearsed one-liners during the icebreaker. The florescent lights, polyester fabrics, and ever-present hush of the nondescript conference room set the mood for building a meaningful, lasting business relationship.
Or were you just stuck at another networking event?
Veteran pop up restraunter Wheeler del Torro, most recently behind the Barrio pop up, is relaunching his Small Bytes event to provide an alternative to traditional “networking events” and bring gourmet meals to tech innovators.

Networking is an effortless, natural facet of Small Bytes. Held in intimate locations over a gourmet meal, invited guests connect and begin genuine relationships.
Small Bytes are an import from the scene of the 1990s. Del Torro’s company launched Small Bytes in 1993 in San Francisco. Small Bytes dinner parties launched dot.coms, and were there to throw the pink slip parties when the bubble burst.

As the era shifted, del Torro returned to his enduring interests in food, pop ups, and dinner parties. After relocating to the East Coast, del Torro began to see the raw talent, innovative spirit, and entrepreneurial energy of the ‘90s emerge in Boston and Cambridge.
Del Torro identified a need in the current tech community for a place to genuinely connect with business partners, investors, and established firms. He sees investing in a company or joining a partner to launch a company like the decision to get married: longs days (and long nights) with the other person, jointly making life changing decisions, merging your money and financial future, and often sharing meals and trips. Decisions of such significance should begin at an event where there is ample time for discussion paired with little to no pressure. Even better when these relationships are forged over gourmet tapas meals prepared by chef del Torro and local guest chefs.

Inspired by John Walker’s The Hacker’s Diet, del Torro aims to bring healthy, high quality food to the tech community through his Small Bytes events. He promotes the intrinsic connection between excellent food and energy, thought processes, and endurance. Start-ups and tech innovators are all too often stuck with whatever delivers, or is open at 3 AM. Small Bytes merges an opportunity for connection and innovation with superb local foods from established and up-and-coming chefs.
Small Bytes will launch in Boston at the French Cultural Center on June 19th at 8:30 to 10:00 pm


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I work in big data but small bytes sounds great

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