Wednesday, May 2, 2012

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 Last night I got a free ticket to see Fela - Original Broadway cast and band, It was awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

Last week I made tacos! they were delicious! (you only see 3 in the picture but I ended up making another one...and I had tacos for the following few days...on sunday I got creative and made an omelet taco! I forgot to refrigerate the grass fed non nasty pink slime meat so I got creative with eggs)

Last week was an amazing food week - I DID NOT EAT TACOS ON THURSDAY!  I attended a pop up dinner at 3 Scoops. The chefs were Wheeler Del Toro and Tim Maslow.  The Champaign flowed liberally, which is always good...especially when its from decent bottles! after 4 glasses i didn't have a headache, just damned good vibes! I sat in the back room with a couple of friends and got to watch Tim Maslow get our dinner ready (so cute, friend noticed he wasn't wearing a wedding ring but I was busy admiring his cooking skills...duh! Wheeler was in the other room for most of the night but he spoke to me a couple of times...giggles giggles).
This was the Menu:
Wicked small caesar
Soft poached cepage farm egg- early peas, ramps and sesame
Grilled skirt steak- chimichurri, sunchokes, maitake mushrooms and pickled peppers
Chocolate and shiitake pots de creme-thyme butterscotch, crouton and lemon confit

this was in the front room..where we originally sat down and i immediately freaked out bc i thought my chair wouldn't make it through the dinner. i felt it give and gave a little yelp. i love folding chairs, but these badboys were the "bitch you killing me with your ass!" type of chairs. Luckily, we discovered the back room with real chairs....phew

oh yeah, this was amazing! 

Here are some gems!

 Pair of Saarinen Tulip Chairs, Black & Red - $150 (South Brookline)

 Space Age Mod Stacking Chairs - $40 (Peabody)


 Two Stools & 3 Black Stack Tables - $25 (Belmont)


Triple bulb floor lamp from 1950's - $5 (Wellesley)

Four Saucer Chairs - $100 (Beverly)

Bertoia Chairs - $90 (Seabrook, NH)

crap base
Swivel Stool - $15 (Haverhill)

Mid Century Dresser - $35 (Cambridge)

Danish Modern Desk Chair - $75 (Peabody)

VINTAGE SALON DRYER - $50 (Jamaica Plain)

authentic handmade oriental rug runner - $125 (malden)

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samantha ramage said...

ha i love the anthropomorphism of the chairs!

what a fun time!