Sunday, April 29, 2012

sunny sunday deal

So glad that I didnt just delete my Bloomspot email this morning without looking at it (I noticed that it said One Kings Lane).  Pay $30 get $60 or $50 and get $100 - This is a great deal because OKL always has great sales, the Jonathan Alder sale is still going on but its mostly sold out now. If you get this deal, make sure to check out the $50 and under shop! 

 OKL also has some of the best vintage gems too...pricey, but sometimes they make it into my shopping cart ;) 
OH! I forgot to mention the Domino deal! If you shop any OKL sales until 5/04 you get a complimentary Domino issue. Delicious! 
 vintage glasses
Emma Gardner Alpaca throw 


Miriam said... old issue of Domino? Or does my fairy godmother really exist and brought it back to life?

Keyse said...

Its new Miriam :)