Saturday, April 21, 2012

Looks like there is a new design deal site in town! Touch Of Modern will be launching soon, sign up now and invite your friends for uber deals galore.  This site reminds me of Fab - I wonder if they are partnered with them?
TOM (thats what i'm calling Touch of Modern) opens in 71 days...check out their inspiration page in the meantime 

 martini cocktail so so glam!

 i would prob pass out if i attended a conference that gave these out - the coolest thing i received at a conference was a lanyard with a usb drive

 this is the most elegant soda stream i have ever seen! love it, i have this one in white

 im almost afraid of this chair..

 you can also find these locally at Room68, they have a variety of colors and cushions too! 

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