Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pregnant Women are Smug tue+thur Gems

 so cute!
Mid Century stool - $20 (Boston)

 i guess?
Japanese Day Bed - $395 (South End)

so nice
Office Credenza (Agawam)

Dark brown dining room table - expandable - $100 (Boston)

Combining Households Sale (Worcester)

Retro MID CENTURY modern SOFA couch FREE DELIVERY - $895

Comfy armless armchair - IKEA Lunna - $40 (Central Square)

Modern Black Leather Chair - $50 (Arlington)

Mid-Century Desk - $150 (Central Sq, Cambridge)

Vintage Sofa - $40 (Arlington)

Dining Room Table with leaf & 4 chairs - $400 (Billerica - Center)

Vintage Maine State Prison solid wood milking stool - $60 (Bridgewater)

Vintage Eames Lounge Ottoman - $6000 (Northshore)

Media Shelving - $25 (North Andover)

Floor Lamp with Paper Shade - $45 (Kendall Sq.)

Ligne Roset Sofa Bed - $400 (Belmont)

Cafe Tables and Chairs - $5 (Natick)

Mid-century Teak Credenza Filing Cabinet - $150 (Central Square)

if this top comes off...this might be awesome
Round Italian Stoneware Table - $75 (Brookline)

Apartment Slices 

 next to this awesome light up side table is my couch, from where i search and blog

 I love my tiny bathroom. it doesnt have any outlets.

 sometimes, most of the time, i use the toilet with the door open and this is the view :)

my big head hanging out with friends (@ comedy show thingy, laughed so hard my face still hurts)

Committing crimes are not my thing, which is great because I would be caught in seconds. I mean, just look at that big smiling head! For the second time this week a blog reader said hello, so cool! I feel like a mini celeb...or, someone with a cool useful blog! Lady from TT The Bears, please send me pics! Guy from the Roxy tonight...your handshake is solid and you too should send me pics to use in Acquired Gems.

Thanks to everyone who has voted for Crocodile Tears over at AT, The Homies - If you havent, please take a second or two and vote. Its easy, log in and vote away! Uber thanks! xoxo

"everyone knows it, no one says it...." -Garfunkel and Oates


Anonymous said...

I really like when your blog about your things and acquired gems! Please do it more often and let us know a bit of stories behind each find.

Keyse said...

I really like to show off stuff that people have found as well...but, its like pulling teeth to get pictures and you have pictures to submit? :)

Ginavah said...

I voted, success.

Amanda said...

Oh! You got a tivoli! Love ti when you post about your house.

Keyse said...

Thanks Amanda! I got it from someone helping sell her roomies stuff, he was a well known scientist who passed away

Anonymous said...

Sorry ladies, but what is a tivoli!?

Keyse said...

hiya shy anonymous person.
its a super awesome radio,

Also...Since I started allowing people to post anonymous i get so much spam! it stinks