Monday, February 13, 2012

Happppyyy Monday Gems!

 MidCentury Lounge Chair - $150 (Brighton)

3 Vintage Bassett Tables - $285 (Salem)

contemporary bamboo & metal coffee table - $60 (Roslindale)

2 Small office cabinets - $25 (Salisbury, Ma)

Kitchen Cart - $30 (Fenway)

2 Greek Key Step side Tables from Kvavat Showrooms - $360 (Boston)

Love Seat For Sale - $250 (Somerville)

The Hawthorne for book signing of The PDT Cocktail Book
what a beautiful space! I wanted to take home all of the zebra print petite couches. the space was designed by a husband and wife team (love match and business partners! what bliss), Stephen Sheffied and Alison. Stephen is a photographer, I love his work in  the second lounge...where you will find most of the items I snapped below. For more pics on the space, go here

oh, hello uber cool lil skeleton 

 i love these candle sticks! 

 reminds me of my youth in brazil, when i caught chickens in the coup for my grandma to behead 

 love this sweet light fixtures in the ladies bathroom

 Liu and i get bubbly! 

 GAMEWELL (for you JPAT!)

 great cart filled with glasses and a purty turquoise ice bucket 

 fun plastic chairs

thats right kids, enjoy the winter ;)

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