Thursday, January 5, 2012

thur GEMZ (the Z makes it whimsical)

 fantastic retro atomic mid-century end table! - $125 (Malden)

TV Stand / Coffee Table / Side Table - $40 (Hamilton)

oh hello beffcake
Retro Vinyl Swivel Lounge Chair - $150 (Chelmsford)

cool but its damaged and expensive (if you get paid in gum)

what a nice little table

Original Black Danerka Chair / Denmark - $50 (Brookline, Cleveland Circle)

*01/06/2012 update - going to pick these up tomorrow, dont you dare contact the seller! these chairs will be essential to backyard shenanigans this summer
DESIGNER Chairs - $30 (Brookline)

Metal Coffee Table - $150 (Boston)

scandinavian teak dining room table - $135 (Braintree, MA.)

panding Oak Table - $125 (Cambridge)

Rolling File Cabinet, Vanity & Chair, Kitchen Cart - $50 (Hingham)

While in Chelsea City Hall 

 I saw this cool phone! and i didnt call anyone...

and i saw this awesome chair! my coworker gave me such a look...hey, it would have fit into our vehicle and I thnk Jay Ash (the coolest City Manager) would have forgiven me...maybe

Things I saw today with my dad but didnt buy bc they lacked pizas in person :/
pretty cool...but eh, i think this needs new legs. the seller had a lot of other people scheduled to see it, so i didnt feel bad walking away from it

But, before we got to the desk we were trying to find this "Leather Chair/ Ottoman - $85 (Newton)"
The add isnt up anymore - Plycraft, the chair was brown and the ottoman black. My dad is amazing at getting lost and ignoring my directions, he drives and says things like "oh, all the other drivers are going that way." he is a precious man! so, we cant find the damned house...I call the seller, she calls me back a few minutes later and gives me the correct address...Unfortunately the chair was missing a seat button and kinda meh...but the ottoman was so cool! but she wouldnt sell it separately bc she is a turdhead. Fortunate for her she had a bunch of other people lined up who wanted to see it. My dad eventually found his way out of Newton, we went to Trader Joes and bonded over microwavable goodness. It was a good day. 


Miriam said...

Wow, you've really been on a roll this week! Thanks for all of the posts!...And whimsical Zzzs

Keyse said...

Thanks! Someone called me a hot ticket once ;)