Saturday, November 12, 2011

Mail Gem

I was so excited when I saw these boxes in my entry way this morning! Last time I ordered something from OKL the packaging was not so cute - I love packaging.

more beautiful details inside!

This is one of my orders, much needed wine glasses. I also got a free Sweet Tabacco candle! I used to have a bunch of wine glasses but my bother decided to drink soda out of them, he thought it was classy and ended up breaking them all.
The contents in my box isnt as exciting as the OKL box but the box design is so cool! Love it.


Miriam said...

I have the Saarinen armchair too! But mine is navy instead of red. I love that red. And the glimpse of your house, which I paid more attention too than the cardboard boxers.

Keyse said...

I'll be posting more of my place next month, hang tight! :)