Sunday, November 6, 2011

OKL holiday shopping for myself

I think i'm going to do all of my holiday shopping online this year, well...most of it. I'll still hit up my fav boutiques (Shake the Tree, Acquire, Good, Boutique Fabulous, and On Centre to name a few) but I think OKL, Fab, Rue, and Joss&Main are my top online holiday shopping destinations...below are some things that I want to gift myself with :)

OKL, $22
OKL, $40
I love this! I usually drink coffee out of dainty girly cups on the weekends...i'm a total weekend fem. OKL $10!!! So so inexpensive and glam
i love things that are clear and stackable! OKL, $12
I just read Watership Down....I think my spirit animal is the rabbit :) OKL, $12
If you need a membership to OKL, go here or on the sidebar

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