Friday, September 16, 2011


flyer -

World's greatest yard sale this Sunday, September 18th from 9am - 3pm at 38 Boynton St. in Jamaica Plain.

If you don't believe it's the greatest yard sale ever, you are wrong.

Please don't come before 9am, waking up sucks, so we will likely be finishing setting up right until 9am. I can't go to bed before like 1am or 3 episodes of the Golden Girls every night, and anything less than 6 hours is sleep deprivation.

Do your part and help save us from becoming candidates for "Hoarders." Also, studies have shown that buying things from yard sales improves health, increases sex drive, and helps stop global warming.

Items include:

- mid-century modern stuff
- vintage video games
- plus size clothing
- tech items
- DVDs and books
- furniture
- framed posters
- winter jackets

And more! See you there.

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