Friday, April 22, 2011

happy trash talkin friday!

Yet another Save The Drama for your Momma...I've been ignoring these bc there have been lots recently. This one is a bit funny...The Cambridge 911 guy has been around since the beginning of my CL time. I know someone who purchased something from him and said it was a pleasant experience. But I guess someone out there isnt a fan...which is too bad, bc if you dont have $150 for a lil bedside table, you can get a similar one from Cambridge 911 for $65, badass savings ;)

who is this? and why does he look so morose? probably doesnt have any mid century lovin in his life...(no seriously, who is this? did he kill someone?)

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Daisy Razor said...

That's the cop who arrested Skip Gates. I guess it's a play on "Cambridge 911"? Not that it makes sense or anything. *shrug*