Saturday, April 16, 2011

Get it home!

i recently hit cl jackpot, uber excited! unfortunately, i don't drive and the seller cant deliver :/
SO i contacted Doug Purcell! I had heard good things about him from a "design enthusiast" so i felt comfortable contacting him regarding my recent finds - i can not wait to get it delivered! in the past i have contacted other delivery people and been completely sketched out, not this time!
Pics soon! yup, i am ecstatic :)
Doug # 949.525.8569
*Peter has this to say about Doug...think its worth adding on to this post!
"Doug Purcell is an excellent mover/delivery guy. He knows how to pack, protect and carry and is conscientious and courteous. He also played the casino pitt boss in "Ocean's 13". Check out his 50 second scene with Al Pacino!"


Midcenturymadam said...

What a cliff hanger...can't wait to see what you found.

Keyse said...

thanks lady! its encouraged me to get some major things done in my painting and fixing my curtain situation :)