Sunday, March 20, 2011

Seriously? Dont act a fool

Kyle, our lovely blogger on Crocodile Tears, is not Deskman (aka person who sells a bunch of stuff on CL that I sometimes post here bc its cool and you can decide for yourself to buy or not). Save the drama for your momma and get your info straight.

FLAG Deskman Dealer (Free Delivery) - $2400 (Boston/Norwood)

sweet merciful tiny precious baby jesus...
it should be of little surprise that dealers and moonlighters (ugh, people who change up their homes often) use this site to score gems and then resell them for a profit. I have met many of you and think you are all lovely people (even Peter, his little dog is so sweet!).
I don't really care how you use this blog - My goal is to help connect people with beautiful design.
I also want pics of your finds for Acquired Gems, but I know thats asking for a lot...lazies ;)
So take a chill pill and stop trying to monitor CL. Maybe its my chill attitude, but I don't understand why people get so upset over shiz on CL. Being called out by an anonymous person who doesn't know what she is talking about is'll stop right here and wish everyone a beautiful week.


AstroLFW said...

Love your blog, check it everyday, and wanted to offer words of support. You & Kyle are doing an amazing job, and providing a terrific service. Don't let the negative noids get you down.

Keyse said...

thanks AstroLFW! you just made my thrift store heart flutter with joy!

Sarah said...

The Craigs List pages that you linked to aren't up anymore. What did they say? Whatever it was, don't let anonymous jerks with a chip on their shoulders bring you down cause you are a little super star! Onward and upward!