Thursday, February 10, 2011

Way to late/early post!

A few to finish off the night and start the new day!

Really nice Credenza, possible a Knoll piece

Teak table Set to go with it, Very Paul McCobb Styled
This table is simply Sexy!

Stand out T.V. cart

Florance Knoll? If not looks alot like her work

This is actually my sale! Herman Miller Eames Lounge & Ottoman
Id love to keep two of them, but my budget disagrees!

Plycraft Eames Replica- (not as cool) ^^^ (;

These might be fun to have

kinda to much money for what it is but its nice
Retro Coffee Table


J said...

I saw that posting for the Herman Miller Eames Lounge and thought "what a really, really cool room!" I love your blog :)

Keyse said...

Everytime I see pictures of Kyles place I have the same reaction! Thanks for loving the blog :)