Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Morning Rocks!

Hello Boston! Many times we are forgetful that Rhode Island is our little sister and only 45 minutes away (depending on your location). So todays Posts Are simply all Rhode Island! Cause they have Gems too!

1960s Mod Egg chair (really swingin)

1950s Mid Century Sofa...Needs work but at this price is a steal!

Very classic Spider base table

Some retro green bar stools

Very Cool Danish Modern Coffee Table, I believe it was designed by Adrian Pearsall
For Craft Associates, but I may be wrong.

High Priced! But stunning Haywood Wakefield Dinning set
If you saw The Incredibles then you might recognize this from there house.

Cheap Cute! Eames style!

I have seen these chairs before, Not to knowledgeable about them,
but at this price they appear to be a deal.

Not exactly my style...but this thing is long and mean looking.


fabio said...

good job lil k. Now find my things..please... ;)

fabio said...

good job lil K! Now find my things...please...thanks.. :)