Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday Morning Goods!

As a new Blogger I am working on being as fancy as Keyse... This might take some time :D
I hope these posts look better!

This is really unique, reason being is that there was not many wire chairs with the
671's base (in other words its very old and has the Eames Lounge chair's Ottomans base.)
Eames Wire Chair - $325 (Cambridge)

Probably not authentic, but very nice.
Steel Tube Chair Midcentury - $50 (Holliston)

This is a really good deal! and would go great with a tulip table.

This is nice...its a steal!
Teak Desk w/3 Draws -$135 (maynard)

Weird that its just the cover... but some people may need this.
Herman Miller Shell Chair - Cover only - $35 (Cambridge)

Pricey, yet stunning, if I was wealthier this would be mine.
Mid-Century Modern Teak Sideboard - $1500 (Medford, MA)

Im not fond of this poster...but he does a good job with the pics, ill give him that.
MODERN mid century BAR w/ STOOLS starburst FREE DELIVERY - $550

Contemporary West Elm Area Rug 5x8 - $125 (Back Bay Boston)

I love the top of this
Modern LANE mid century TORTOISE media CREDENZA free delivery - $225

glass buffet table - $50 (Wayland)

New Crate and Barrel Sofa - $800 (Newbury Street)

Too popular for my taste.
modern IKEA Tylosand couch and ottoman ORANGE! - $200 (Beverly)

RETRO plasma tv stand (1960's) display sofa table - $125 (bridgewater)

Retro Stereo Cabinet


Keyse said...

Oh Kyle, you are too kind! My first posts were sssoooo wrong...well into my first year of blogging and i still use the simple uploader thingy!

Kyle James said...

well its easy, and looks nice (: