Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sad Saturday Morning

Im selling my 2008 Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman today, its got to be one of the saddest days Ive had in a while! but looking forward to refurbishing by 1956 Eames Lounge chair back to its original state. On the brighter side here are some good gems for the day!

Sixties wall shelving, Could be very nice looking when done right.

BlueDanish Sofa

Danish Modern Lounge Chair

These are cool desks and for the price cant beat it, Get one for your little student.

Mid century side table

Time to complete you mod basement, with this retro pool table

This is very nice, not my style, but it would be amazing if you took a tulip base and attached to too.
Marble is expensive and this is a deal

mid century draws

very nice table top

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Smith Brothers are Horrible JP Landlords said...

Hi Kyle--
It's great having your finds added in to the CrocodileTears picks. Any chance you could be convinced to add the original CL ad title (with price) to your postings like Keyse does? [so there would be (1) your comment; (2) CL ad title and price; (3) link to ad.]