Monday, February 14, 2011

ny cl has nothing on MA gemz

adventures in nyc:
i hate this, just thought id share

oh oh so delicious! mega uber huge pancake with beautiful blueberries and a side of cinnamon whipped creme!! Sel De Mer is my new favorite location!

hehehe....shush, you love it! abc home has such beautiful carpets, this one just happens to be oh so tantalizing ;)

i love love this place, their burger is divine!!! and the french toast isnt bad either, xo forever DuMont!
i found this pretty gem in the basement of a swanky so a creepy basement, just like home!

the best part of my trip was spending time with my bff aaannndddd finding this table for him at Housing Works in cherry for only $99! Such an adventure getting that thing up 3 flights of stairs...i am going to be wonderfully sore.

and finally, here are some late night gems!
Authentic George Nelson Swag Leg Desk - $1500 (Boston)


Beautiful retro-modern sofa from Macy's - $350 (Melrose, MA)

Boston Interiors Sofa - $600 (Brockton)

>$3K Martin Visser Sofa Bed w/armrest Mid-Century vintage retro Style - $1250 (Exit 13 - Mass Pike)

Herman Miller Ray Wilkes Chiclet Chicklet Chair Mid-Century Modern -
$150 (Boston, MA Free delivery!)

Macy's "Alex" Sofa and Loveseat in Putty - $900 (ACTON, MA)

Vintage / retro / contemporary looking Chairs - $100 (Wilmington)

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