Saturday, February 26, 2011

lobster color coded gemz

yesterday i was at the hospital with my mom allll dayyyy long. my mom is fine and i got to meet some nice folks from Maine. i'm promised a lobster when i visit their seaside land! hoorraay!

while waiting around i read this article about Dooce and other mom bloggers. Dooce is an uber successful blog about Heather Armstrongs life. i'm not interested in blogs of that nature, and i couldnt imagine writing one (dear readers, today my mom had her sex change and my brother was arrested because he got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. my dad ran away with the circus again! hehehe....JK!! Sorry mom...but, wouldnt that be funny? hehehe). the article is a good read for folks interested in the blog world - especially if you want to get personal.

Anyways, i got home late last night and did a search...found some cool stuff but i could hardly keep my eyes open so i saved it for today. unfortunately a bunch of the posts have been removed by the seller or flagged. this would look so dear on my green telephone couch!
Vintage Danish Cradle Phone - $50 (Newton)

i joke about wanting a domesticated minded man...but i think i could learn to bake if i had one of these
Sunbeam MIXMASTER beautiful CHROME Vintage - $10 (Natick)

my brother would love this!
Vintage Coca-Cola Cooler Chest - $200 (Pembroke)

i love these chairs, i would prefer wooden seats
1950's Danish Style Dining Room Table and Chairs - $400 (Watertown)

i want this for my dream store...i sell jewelry, books, coffee, and furniture
Modern Mid Century Mosaic Asian Table - $125 (Cambridge 911)

MODERN MID CENTURY beige & wood side table - $30 (Cambridge 911)

i wonder if this would prevent the mounds of clothing scattered around my apartment...
Vintage Nova Men's Valet - $50 (Chelmsford, Ma)

ive been a little slow with the videos. deeply sorry. last week i came across this gem on Adwoas fb page, its so fun! but what happened to the banana?

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