Thursday, February 10, 2011

Everyone is different, we all choose to live our life's in different ways. Whether it being modernism of today and having the latest and greatest things and keeping up with the times, or having your life based around the original revamp of america in the 20th century, and enjoying the simple things in life that enhance everyday living. I for one have always dreamed of my future and hope to one day live with the ideal American family. let my kids play on all of my beloved Mid Century Modern furnishings, share a simple breakfast with them in the morning while I read the paper, drink orange juice, and kiss them on the head while they travel off to school.
Unfortunately that was a dream of the past, but for now we can pretend to live in the "pasts future" and go on living life with good morals, goals, and well...some technology.After all im typing this on a computer right? In conclusion I think no matter what your into in life, every once in a while we should all go out and spend a night with one other. Put down your phones and ipods, go out to a local drive-in after picking up some hot dogs and milk shakes, and spend your night like it was the last.

This video inspired me to write this... Its a video made by Chevy but not aiming towards cars in anyway, just showing how life was back then, and the ideal families of Modern America.

Its in three parts (watch them all if you got time) they are amazing.

Part Three Cant be Embedded but click here for the link

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