Saturday, February 5, 2011

baby baby will you be my lil gem?

my baby brother (hes not reallllyyyy a baby anymore...) is having a baby! his son is going to be the most amazing child ever. i cant wait to teach him to say "you're a commie" and "what would Charles and Ray Eames do?"
here are some of my favorite baby/kids things i have come across

look how happy that little girl is! see, good design promotes happy kids who read ;)
Knoll classic kids

would it be wrong to get some knock offs? mmm...yeah, YES IT WOULD! I need to be a good role model damn it...
Little Bert

How else to better indoctrinate a baby in beautiful design?
Emerson House & Contemporary Furniture 310$

i'm going to see if the young people at my job can make this for me!
Elephant Bookshelf 124$

i love this! such a fun piece that i wouldnt mind keeping for myself
Vitra - Eames Children's Elephant by Charles and Ray Eames 290$

mmm...i think i have a theme going on here...this also comes in different colors
IndiB - Botswana Blue Kids Rectangular Rug

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