Sunday, January 23, 2011

stay warm friends!

Friday night I hit up Russell House, the OtherSide Cafe, and Sister Sorel - Saturday i had dinner and drinks at Canary Square! Sunday has been all about nursing this cold. So not excited about the cold weather tomorrow. i will be fondly dreaming about the Flourless Chocolate Chili Cake from Russel House, a delicious blend of Chili Salted Caramel and Mexican Chocolate Ice Cream (love mexican chocolate!!!). Stay warm true believers.
(oh, just in case you were wondering, Russell House and Canary Square have the cleanest bathrooms. The worst was Sister Sorel)

Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman - $150 (Duxbury)

Mid-Century Lane Coffee Table - Kidney Shaped - $250 (Cambridge)

Vintage 70s Cable Reel Table - $10 (Mansfield)

Couch/Loveseat - $5 (South End)

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