Wednesday, January 5, 2011

buy this and invite me over, thanks!

I really enjoyed Ferris Buellers Day Off growing up, but I honestly never liked Ferris all that much...way too confident and cocky, plus no respect for his elders! Yup, I was an authority fearing nerd.
The home the movie was shot is on sale, for 1.65Million this lil mid century gem can be yours ;)
Head over to Curbed for more drool worthy pics
(*Meelynn, every time I see these glass houses I think about your experience living in a similar house in Vermont...and the time you were up late studying and a giant bear pounded on the glass wall in front of your desk, sending you into cardiac arrest...hehehe...)
(**thanks Gawker and Curbed for bringing this sale to my attention! xo)

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