Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer menu at Clink.

it was a slow CL i'll give you food instead! xo

Last Tuesday I got to skip work early and enjoy a beautiful dinner with a tantalizing friend at Clink in the Liberty Hotel...I am so so blessed to have been invited to this dinner, for sweet baby jesus in the sky knows that i cant cook to save this blog!

i remember this being delicious, but i dont remember what was in it...thankfully Christine does! "jonah crab crab (port clyde fresh catch) with mango, papaya, lovage and mint"

seriously now, was she taking notes?
"burrata (giota cheese company) with fava beans, pea shoots, and controne pepper"

this reminded me of Brazilian food, seriously, it was so salty and amazing!
"kingfish sashimi with wild fennel pollen, baby fennel and lobster butter powder"

second best in my book...
"tender braised goat with green chickpeas, garlic chives and potato gnocchi"

creamy goodness with savory mushrooms
"tiny cannelloni with mushrooms and peas"

the thingy that looks like a chicken nugget and tastes like one is a gland, and i ate it ;( never again! "sweetbread" my big brazilian bundha...hehehe
"natural veal chop with sweetbreads, green asparagus, potato puree, thyme jus"

"Black seabass with artichokes, fingerling potatoes, smoked bacon and "eva's garden sorrel

The Strawberry mint ice was divine, truly divine! so fresh and light!

chef joseph margate and the lady christine, city dweller with the mostest
215 Charles Street
Boston, MA 02114
(617) 224-4004


christine said...

your camera is possessed by gastronomic gods. the photos are fantastic! so glad you could come, tantalizing one.

Fun and Fearless in Beantown said...

Looks fantastic!