Tuesday, June 8, 2010

last week i went to the Gallows...

"The Gallows will be closed this evening for a private kegger" read a printout sign on the door of the Gallows, a new restaurant in the South End. It's replacing my much beloved Sage...tear.

The good news is that the new space is pretty cool looking. I must admit that i am a bit confused by the steam punkesque gears and body form...the whole space vibes Scandinavian, clean and inviting. About the name, Gallows, I dunno...but, i plan on basking in their flattering lighting and enjoying their smokey menu (the scallops where intense, yum!).

love these light fixtures!

another favorite was the light fixtures - i admit, i love the non energy efficient Edison bulbs!
check out the creepy crow (i think the Celtics lost that night)

i love how some of the wall panels are not flush with the wall and emit light

i was told about 3 piggies were already doled out before i arrived - with much joy, Joshua ate one pigs tail

soft serve on yummy cones, i was ssooo happy! side note, the guy who looks like Vermont (behind me) is Colby and I believe he is an art student

after our ice cream cones we walked over to Rocca

had some drinks

watched the huge projection screen

ate some lovely things and then the kitchen brought this out...OMG, SO GOOD! Everything was so salty and delicious - lots of love to Christine for inviting me and keeping things salty, sweet, and intoxicating

*i forgot to post this video last night...it played at Rocca, The Bird and the Bee - Dont Stop the Music

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