Monday, May 10, 2010


This weekend I sat down with Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris and finished it. I felt that I owed a review here...I love the books stacked up on my Blu Dot bookshelf. All of the loving between Sookie and Eric made me blush and I do believe the last chapter ended beautifully...but, what about the next? Where is that next chapter? I need closure Charliane! So many lose ends, unfinished sexy business. A familiar song started playing in the back of my mind, "is that all there is? is that all there is..." Unfortunately, it is all there is until next year. Book 11, I hope you are jam packed with so much crap that i'm confused (just like the first few books! so much many adventures all tangled up into one book, it was brilliant!). I have other tarty things to say...but, i'll keep at this and get back to dancing, if thats all there is...

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